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Code No. KGS FU431 2020 Classification Gas facilities
Code Title Code for Facilities, Technology and Inspection for Installations Using LP Gas in Cylinders
Revised Date 2020.03.18 Price 121 USD,  108 Euro

Detail Information


.This Code applies to the facilities, technology and inspection for installations using LP gas in cylinders among installations using LP gas in conformity to the Safety Control and Business Regulation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Act (hereinafter referred to as “Act”), Article 44, Clause 1.


Table of Contents

1. General
1.1 Scope
1.2 Validity of Code
1.3 Definitions
1.4 Application of Codes (currently not used)
1.5 Interim Measures
1.5.1 Interim measure for protection walls
1.5.2 Interim measure for installation standard for accident prevention facilities
1.5.3 Interim measure for thickness calculation and material of piping
1.5.4 Interim measure for installation of piping
1.5.5 Interim measure for standard for installation of gas boilers
1.5.6 Interim measure for polyethylene pipe for gas supply
1.5.8 Interim measure for installation standard for gas facilities
1.5.9 Interim measure for accident prevention facility standard
1.5.10 Interim measure for prohibition of installation of open type hot water heaters
1.5.11 Interim measure for installation of safety valve tail pipes
1.5.12 Interim measure for installation of combined type exhaust tubes of boilers
1.5.13 Interim measure for installation of pipes
1.5.14 Interim measure for installation of vaporizers
1.5.15 Interim measure for installation of gas meters
1.6 Restriction on Use of Materials
1.7 Restriction on Installation of Polyethylene Pipe for Gas Supply
1.8 Special Cases in Installation Standards
1.8.1 Special case in gas facilities for residential installations
1.8.2 Special case in expressway resting place facilities
1.8.3 Special case in gas-fired facilities in specified manufacturing installations of high-pressure gas

2. Installation Standard
2.1 Layout Standard
2.1.1 Distance from naked lights
2.1.2 Distance from protected installation (currently not used)
2.1.3 Distance from business place perimeter (currently not used)
2.1.4 Distance from other facilities
2.2 Foundation Standard (not applicable)
2.3 Storage Facility Standard
2.3.1 Materials of storage facilities
2.3.2 Construction of storage facilities
2.3.3 Installation of storage facilities
2.4 Gas Facility Standard
2.4.1 Materials of gas facilities (currently not used)
2.4.2 Construction of gas facilities (currently not used)
2.4.3 Thickness and strength of gas facilities (currently not used)
2.4.4 Installation of gas facilities
2.4.5 Performance of gas facilities
2.5 Piping Standard
2.5.1 Piping materials
2.5.2 Configuration of piping (not applicable)
2.5.3 Thickness and strength of piping
2.5.4 Piping joints
2.5.5 Expansion or contraction absorption measures for piping systems
2.5.6 Insulation of piping
2.5.7 Installation of piping
2.5.8 Installation of auxiliary piping facilities (currently not used)
2.5.9 Performance of piping systems
2.5.10 Marking of piping systems
2.6 Governor Standard (not applicable)
2.7 Combustor Standard
2.7.1 Installation of gas boilers and gas water heaters
2.7.2 Installation standards for other combustors (exclusive of fuel cells)
2.7.3 Installation of heating furnace rooms for dry sauna room
2.7.4 Installation of fuel cells
2.8 Accident Prevention Standard
2.8.1 Installation of overpressure safety devices
2.8.2 Installation of automatic shutoff systems and gas leak alarms
2.8.3 Installation of emergency shutdown devices (not applicable)
2.8.4 Installation of backflow prevention device (not applicable)
2.8.5 Installation of backfire prevention device
2.8.6 Hazard monitoring and control system (not applicable)
2.8.7 Installation of accidental startup prevention device (not applicable)
2.8.8 Installation of explosion-proof electrical facilities
2.8.9 Installation of ventilation systems
2.8.10 Installation of corrosion prevention system
2.8.11 Installation of static eliminators
2.8.12 Fall prevention device
2.9 Damage Control Facility Standard
2.9.1 Installation of dikes (not applicable)
2.9.2 Installation of protection walls
2.10 Associated Facilities Standard
2.10.1 Installation of measuring facilities (not applicable)
2.10.2 Installation of emergency power systems
2.11 Marking Standard