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Code No. KGS FS552 2020 Classification Gas facilities
Code Title Code for Facilities, Technology and Inspection for Governors of General Urban Gas Business
Revised Date 2020.03.18 Price 25 USD,  22 Euro

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This code applies to the installation, operation and inspection of governors among gas supply facilities of general city gas business operators in conformity to the Urban Gas Business Act (hereinafter to be referred to as “the Act”), Article 2, No.4 and No. 5


.Table of Contents

1. General
1.1 Scope
1.2 Validity of Code
1.3 Definitions
1.4 Application of Other Codes (currently not used)
1.5 Interim Measures
1.5.1 Interim measure for discharge port size of governor safety valve
1.5.2 Interim measure for foundations, walls and exposed piping of governor rooms
1.5.3 Interim measures for preparation of piping drawings
1.6 Restriction to Use of Appliances
1.7 Restriction to Piping Pressure (not applicable)
1.8 Restriction to Installation of Piping (not applicable)
1.9 Restriction to Installation of Polyethylene piping for gases (not applicable)
1.10 Exemption of Standards of Licensing Authorities
1.11 Installation Standard of Buried Type Governors

2. Installation Standard
2.1 Layout Standard
2.1.1 Locations of governors
2.2 Foundation Standard (currently not used)
2.3 Storage Facility Standard (not applicable)
2.4 Gas Facility Standard (currently not used)
2.5 Piping Facility Standard
2.6 Governor (Room) Standard
2.6.1 Materials of governor rooms
2.6.2 Construction of governor room
2.6.3 Thickness and strength of governor room
2.6.4 Installation of governors
2.6.5 Performance of governor
2.7 Accident Prevention Facility Standard
2.7.1 Installation of overpressure safety devices
2.7.2 Installation of gas leak alarm system
2.7.3 Installation of explosion-proof electrical facilities
2.7.4 Installation of ventilation systems
2.7.5 Installation of hazard monitoring and control system
2.7.6 Installation of corrosion protection systems (currently not used)
2.7.7 Measures to prevent damage to piping due to excavation works (not applicable)
2.7.8 Installation of static eliminators (currently not used)
2.7.9 Installation of toppling prevention devices (currently not used)
2.7.10 Installation of moisture and impurity remover
2.7.11 Measures for prevention of freezing
2.8 Damage Control Facility Standard
2.8.1 Installation of dikes (not applicable)
2.8.2 Installation of protection walls (not applicable)
2.8.3 Installation of sprinkler systems (not applicable)
2.8.4 Installation of detoxification facilities (not applicable)
2.8.5 Installation of neutralization and transfer facilities (currently not used)
2.8.6 Installation of emergency shutoff device (currently not used)
2.8.7 Installation of gas supply shutoff device
2.9 Associated Facilities Standard
2.9.1 Installation of measuring facilities (currently not used)
2.9.2 Installation of emergency power systems
2.9.3 Installation of pressure recorder
2.9.4 Installation of communication systems (currently not used)
2.9.5 Installation of operation facilities
2.10 Marking Standard
2.10.1 Boundary markings and warning signs
2.10.2 Boundary fences

3. Technical Standard
3.1 Safety Maintenance Standard (currently not used)
3.1.1 Maintenance of foundations (currently not used)
3.1.2 Maintenance of storage facilities (not applicable)
3.1.3 Maintenance of gas facilities (currently not used)
3.1.4 Maintenance of piping facilities (currently not used)
3.1.5 Maintenance of accident prevention facilities
3.2 Transfer and Filling Standard (not applicable)
3.3. Inspection Standard
3.3.1 Inspection of overall system
3.3.2 Inspection of foundations (currently not used)
3.3.3 Inspection of storage facilities (not applicable)
3.3.4 Inspection of gas facilities (currently not used)
3.3.5 Inspection of piping facilities (currently not used)
3.3.6 Overhaul of governors
3.3.7 Inspection of accident prevention facilities

4. Inspection Standard
4.1 Inspection Items
4.1.1 Intermediate inspection (not applicable)
4.1.2 Construction supervision
4.1.3 Regular inspection
4.2 Inspection Methods
4.2.1 Intermediate inspection and safety confirmation (not applicable)
4.2.2 Construction supervision and regular inspection

Appendix A. Installation Standard of Buried Type Governors