Code Detail
Code No. KGS FP331 2020 Classification Gas facilities
Code Title Code for Facilities, Technology, Inspection, Safety Diagnosis and Safety Assessment for Filling LP Gas Cylinders
Revised Date 2020.03.18 Price 109 USD,  98 Euro

Detail Information


This Code applies to the facilities, technology, inspection, detailed safety diagnosis and safety assessment for the business of filling and supplying liquefied petroleum gas in cylinders [exclusive of fuel vessels for vehicles and cylinders of which internal volume is less than one liter (hereinafter referred to as “small cylinders”)] in the filling business of liquefied petroleum gas in conformity to the Safety Control and Business Regulation of Liquefied Petroleum Act (hereinafter referred to as “Act”), Article 5, Clause 1.


Table of Contents

1. General
1.1 Scope
1.2 Validity of Code
1.3 Definitions
1.4 Application of Codes <currently not used>
1.5 Interim Measures
1.6 Restriction on Use of Materials

2. Facility Standard
2.1 Layout standard
2.2 Foundation Standard
2.3 Storage Facility Standard
2.4 Gas Facility Standard
2.5 Piping Standard
2.6 Accident Prevention Standard
2.7 Damage Control Facility Standard
2.8 Associated Facilities Standard
2.9 Marking Standard

3. Technical Standard
3.1 Safety Maintenance Standard
3.2 Manufacturing and Filling Standard
3.3 Inspection Standard
3.4 Repairs, Cleaning and Removal Standard
3.5 Other Standards

4. Inspection Standard
4.1 Inspection Items
4.2 Inspection Methods

5. Temporary Storage Standard

Appendix A Standard for Installation of Safety Devices before March 8, 2005