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Code No. KGS AA111 2020 Classification Specified equipments
Code Title Code for Facility, Technical, Inspection and inspection for Manufacturing of High-pressure Gas Refrigerators
Revised Date 2020.03.18 Price 147 USD,  132 Euro

Detail Information


This standard applies to the facilities, technology and inspection related to manufacture of highpressure gas refrigerators (hereinafter referred to as "Refrigerator") pursuant to Article 3,
Subparagraph 4 of the 「High-pressure Gas Safety Control Act」(hereinafter referred to as “the Act”).


Table of Contents
1. General Matters
1.1. Scope of Application
1.2. Effectiveness of Standard
1.3. Approval of Other Standards
1.4. Terms and Definitions
2. Standard for Manufacturing Facilities
2.1. Manufacturing Facilities
2.2. Inspection Facilities
3. Standard for Manufacturing Technologies
3.1. Design
3.2. Materials
3.3. Thickness
3.4. Structure and Dimension
3.5. Processing
3.6. Welding
3.7. Heat Treatment
3.8. Performance
3.9. Marking
4. Inspection Standard
4.1. Types of Inspection
4.2. Screening of In-process Inspection Objects (N/A)
4.3. Inspection Items
4.4. Inspection Method
4.5. Other Inspection Standard (No Content)