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Code No. KGS AC118 2019 Classification Specified equipments
Code Title Code for Facilities, Technology and Inspection for Manufacturing of Composite Pressure Vessels for Compressed Hydrogen Gases
Revised Date 2019.06.14 Price 26 USD,  23 Euro

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This Code applies to facilities, technology, inspection and periodic inspection for manufacturing of composite pressure vessels for compressed hydrogen gas of which internal volume is less than 500L and normal pressure is less than 82㎫ (hereinafter referred to as “pressure vessels”) among specified facilities in conformity to the High-Pressure Gas Safety Control Act (hereinafter referred to as “Act”), Article 3, Clause 5.


Table of Contents

1. General
1.1 Scope
1.2 Validity of Code
1.3 Reference Codes and Standards
1.3.1 Inspection standard for new technology products
1.3.2 Manufacturing registration of foreign pressure vessel
1.4 Definitions
1.5 Application of Codes and Standards (currently not used)

2. Manufacturing Installation Standard
2.1 Manufacturing Facilities
2.2 Inspection Facilities

3. Manufacturing Technology Standard
3.1 Design
3.1.1 Design service life
3.1.2 Number of test pressure repeat
3.1.3 Design document
3.2 Material
3.3 Thickness (currently not used)
3.4 Construction and Dimensions
3.4.1 Construction
3.4.2 Dimensions
3.5 Fabrication
3.5.1 Material cutting
3.5.3 Plastic liner forming
3.5.4 Threading on boss part etc.
3.5.5 Potentiometric corrosion prevention
3.5.6 Winding
3.5.7 Auto-frettage
3.6 Welding (currently not used)
3.7 Heat treatment
3.7.1 Heat treatment after metal liner forming
3.7.2 Thermoset treatment of resin
3.8 Performance (currently not used)
3.9 Marking
3.9.1 Product marking
3.9.2 Acceptance marking

4. Inspection Standard
4.1 Kinds of Inspections
4.1.1 Manufacturing facility inspection
4.1.2 Product inspection
4.2 Object Audit for Process Inspection (currently not used)
4.3 Inspection Items
4.3.1 Manufacturing installation inspection
4.3.2 Product inspection
4.4 Inspection Method
4.4.1 Manufacturing facility inspection
4.4.2 Product inspection
4.5 Other Inspection Standards
4.5.1 Inspection of imported products (currently not used)
4.5.2 Partial omission of inspection
4.5.3 Disposal of rejected products