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Code No. KGS AC113 2017 Classification Specified equipments
Code Title Code for Facilities, Technology and Inspection for Manufacturing of High-Pressure Gas Tanks Fixed on Vehicles
Revised Date 2017.12.14 Price 69 USD,  61 Euro

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This Code applies to the facilities, technology and inspection for manufacturing of high-pressure tanks fixed on vehicles (hereinafter referred to as “tanks”) and their accessories among specified facilities in conformity to the High-Pressure Gas Safety Control Act (hereinafter referred to as “the Act”), Article 3, No.5.


Table of Contents

1. General
1.1 Scope
1.2 Validity of Code
1.3 Reference Codes and Standards
1.3.1 Inspection standard for new technology products
1.3.2 Manufacturing registration of foreign tanks
1.4 Definitions
1.5 Restriction on Use of Parts

2. Manufacturing Facility Standard
2.1 Manufacturing Facilities
2.2 Inspection Facilities

3. Manufacturing Technology Standard
3.1 Design
3.2 Materials
3.3 Thickness
3.3.1 Thickness of shells and heads
3.3.2 Thickness of manhole
3.3.3 Thickness of attachment dome
3.4 Construction and Dimensions
3.4.1 Flange specification (not applicable)
3.4.2 Out-of-roundness of shell
3.4.3 Geometry of conical shell (not applicable)
3.4.4 Geometry of formed head (not applicable)
3.4.5 Holes to be cut in tank
3.4.6 Manhole
3.4.7 Baffle plates
3.5 Fabrication
3.5.1 Cutting, forming and finishing of materials
3.6 Welding
3.6.1 Classification of weld joints (currently not used)
3.6.2 Restriction on weld location
3.6.3 Efficiency of weld joint (currently not used)
3.6.4 Strength of weld (currently not used)
3.6.5 Butt welds
3.7 Heat Treatment
3.7.1 Heat treatment after forming (currently not used)
3.7.2 Stress relief of welds
3.8 Performance (currently not used)
3.9 Painting (currently not used)
3.10 Attachment of Safety Devices
3.10.1 Safety valves
3.10.2 Emergency cut-off valve
3.11 Attachment of Accessories
3.11.1 Level gauge
3.11.2 Pressure gauge
3.11.3 Filling hoses
3.11.4 Hose reel
3.11.5 Pump etc.
3.11.6 Coupling
3.11.7 Temperature gauge
3.11.8 Detection rod
3.11.9 Accidental startup prevention system
3.12 Coloring and Marking
3.12.1 Coloring on external surface of tanks
3.12.2 Marking of kind of gas
3.12.3 Marking of products
3.12.4 Acceptance marking

4. Inspection Standard
4.1 Kinds of Inspections
4.1.1 Manufacturing facility inspection
4.1.2 Product inspection
4.2 Object Audit for Process Inspection
4.2.1 Application for audit
4.2.2 Audit method
4.2.3 Adjudication committee
4.3 Inspection Items
4.3.1 Manufacturing facility inspection
4.3.2 Product inspection
4.4 Inspection Method
4.4.1 Manufacturing facility inspection
4.4.2 Product inspection
4.5 Other Inspection Standards
4.5.1 Inspection of imported products (currently not used)
4.5.2 Partial omission of inspection
4.5.3 Disposal of Rejected Products

5. Periodic inspection Standard <not applicable>
6. Other Standard for Facilities, Technology and Inspection
6.1 Design Review

Appendix A

Appendix B General Standard for Operation of Quality Control System for Tank Manufacturing Plants