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Code No. KGS AB131 2020 Classification Burners
Code Title Code for Facilities, Technology and Inspection for Manufacturing of Gas Fired hot water boilers of forced exhaust(FE) and forced feed-exhaust(FF) types
Revised Date 2020.03.18 Price 69 USD,  62 Euro

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This Code applies to facilities, technology and inspection for manufacturing of gas hot water boilers of forced exhaust (FE) and forced feed-exhaust (FF) types (hereinafter referred to as “boilers”) in conformity to the following (1) and (2) among the combustion equipment in conformity to the Enforcement Regulation of the Safety Control and Business Regulation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Act (hereinafter referred to as “Enforcement Regulation”), Table 3, No. 10 and Table 7, No.4-j. <Revised on November 4, 2015>
(1) Boilers of which total heat input does not exceed 70 kW(60,000 kcal/h) on the basis of gross heating value (gross heating value based on 15℃ and 1 atm; hereinafter the same shall apply unless otherwise specified), and <Revised on April 5, 2012>
(2) Boilers of which gas working pressure does not exceed 3.3kPa.


Table of Contents
1. General
1.1 Scope
1.2 Validity of Code
1.3 Reference Codes and Standards
1.3.1 Inspection standard for new technology products
1.3.2 Manufacturing registration standard for foreign products
1.4 Definitions
1.5 Application of Codes and Standards
1.6 Interim Measures
1.6.1 Design stage inspection
1.6.2 Production stage inspection
1.6.3 Interim measure for marking of piping connections
1.6.4 Interim measures for changes of gas piping connection construction and marking

2. Manufacturing Installation Standard
2.1 Manufacturing Facilities
2.2 Inspection Facilities

3. Manufacturing Technology Standard
3.1 Materials
3.2 Construction and Dimensions
3.3 Devices
3.3.1 Power failure safety device
3.3.2 Head wind prevention device
3.3.3 Flame supervision device
3.3.4 Other devices <Deleted on January 3, 2011>
3.3.5 Air register
3.3.6 Air monitoring device
3.3.7 Gas-air ratio controller
3.3.8 Automatic burner control system
3.3.9 Other devices
3.4 Performance
3.4.1 Product performance
3.4.2 Material performance
3.4.3 Operating performance
3.5 Heat Treatment (currently not used)
3.6 Marking
3.6.1 Product marking
3.6.2 Acceptance mark
3.6.4 Marking of gas safety instructions
3.6.5 Attachment of piping marks and construction signboards

4. Inspection Standard
4.1 Kinds of Inspections
4.1.1 Manufacturing installation inspection
4.1.2 Product inspection
4.2 Object Audit of Process Inspection
4.2.1 Application for audit
4.2.2 Audit method
4.3 Inspection Items
4.3.1 Manufacturing installation inspection
4.3.2 Product inspection
4.4 Inspection Method
4.4.1 Manufacturing installation inspection
4.4.2 Product inspection
4.5 Other Inspection Standards
4.5.1 Inspection of imported products
4.5.2 Partial omission of inspection
4.5.3 Disposal of rejected products (not applicable)
4.5.4 Detailed inspection standards

Appendix A General Standard for Operation of Quality Control System for Gas Appliance Manufacturing Plants
Appendix B General Conditions for Test of Gas Boiler
Appendix C Test Method of Heat input rate
Appendix D Measuring Method of CO/NOx Discharged from Combustors
Appendix E Method of Combustion State Test with Exhaust Tube Types (Refer to Appendix B) in Windy Conditions
Appendix F Method of Efficiency Test
Appendix G Special Requirements for Construction and Performance of Duplex Exhaust Tubes