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Title [Notice] KGS Code list
Writer admin Date 2019-12-10 Views 1193

The attached PDF file contains price information and the latest revision date.

Please check price information and code status as attached file.

The detailed purchase procedure is as follows:

1. Check the information of the English version of KGS Code that you want to purchase.

2. Ask for an invoice for the code you want to purchase via email.

   Email :

3, Purchases may be made with a prepaid deposit account only. Please pay the amount according to the invoice issued.

※ At this time, the refund process is very difficult, so please transfer the exact amount.

※※ The  KGS code price dosen't include the bank transfer commission. So, The transfer fee must be paid by the buyer.

4. We will send you an English version of KGS Code by email after checking the amount