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Title [Notice] New version of KGS Codes are published
Writer admin Date 2021-12-30 Views 697

5 kinds of new version KGS codes are published,

-  FS332 : Code for Facility, Technology, Inspection, Precise Safety Assessment for Producing

              Places of Pipe Network Supply of Liquefied Petroleum Gas

 - FS333 : Facility/Technical/Inspection Code for governors of pipe network supply business of LP


 - FS334 : Code for Facilities, Technology, Inspection and Precise Safety Diagnosis Standards of

               Pipes Outside of Producing Places of Pipe Network Supply Business of Liquified

               Petroleum  Gas

 - GC201 : Code for Electrical Explosion-proof for Gas Facilities

 - GC232 : Code for Construction Supervision Standards of Liqueified Petroleum Gas Pipeline

               Network Supply

For more details, please check a attached file